Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Limkokwing campus in Cyberjaya is home to 8,500 students from nearly 140 countries. Its multicultural environment enables both local and foreign students to interact and soak up varied cultures. The campus is an outstanding landmark in the vicinity. Its spectacular fa├žade, a multi-hued skin of sorts, features creative industries, lifestyle activities and the university’s global expansion.

Which College Do I Suggest?

The One Academy is one of my suggestion which provide international standard 3D course you you, especially you are fresh.

What course I study before?

Although I am major in 3D rendering solution now, but previously I am not taking 3D animation course, I am studying multimedia design which include 3D animation as a sub-course.

A lot people asking me how to learn 3D if they are still fresh in this industry, normally my answer is choose a right college or course which can guide you along the way, but the key point is if you choose a professional and responsible college will add advantage to you learning stage.

Discover 3D Rendering in Malaysia

Discover Amazing 3D Interior and 3D Architecture rendering/ walkthrough in Malaysia!

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